Real Estate Advisory Services

The Faber Group is a full service real estate advisory firm exclusively representing tenants, and not landlords. We offer strategic solutions to discerning clients by understanding all of our client’s business objectives and providing timely and accurate research. Through our efforts we develop innovative solutions for our client’s real estate challenges. In strictly adhering to our philosophy of only representing tenants we begin our assignment by focusing on three important factors:

  1. Human resource requirements
  2. Financial resources
  3. Operational strategies 

Through in-depth analysis, comprehensive research, and our own objective expertise, our clients benefit from a plan that blue prints their company's evolution from a real estate point of view, in the same way the business plan maps the overall business perspective. Upon being “retained” as our client’s exclusive representative we address three major issues:

  1. Location
  2. Layout
  3. Cost/budget

We work with our clients to meet all of the goals set forth at the onset of the process, because we want to ensure that they make the best decision for their business. Our responsibility to our client does not end with the execution of the lease, rather we continue to advise not just to assess future real estate needs, but to ease the transition to their new location.

The Faber Group has a vast array of valuable resources at its disposal for our client’s benefit. From move coordinators, to furniture vendors, to architects, we will work closely with you to ensure that you can focus on your core business, rather than spending too much time focusing on the task of relocating your office and personnel. That is our job. The following are some examples of resources we can provide: 

Architects/Space Planners- We will help you select an outside architect, should the Landlord not provide one.

Construction Managers- Should there be a build-out requirement, we will manage the process on behalf of our client, free of charge. Most firms will charge a Tenant a fee to manage this process for them.

Furniture Vendors- We assist in the selection and analyze pricing from various furniture vendors. Our relationships with senior executives of office furniture providers ensure that our clients receive prompt, attentive service at the best possible prices.

IT/Telecommunication- We have several IT specialists who will assist in establishing new phone and data service, as well as change carriers for existing phone lines. To ensure that we accomplish all your goals relative to this aspect of your business, we utilize these companies at an early stage of the process. 

Legal- Our database include small and large firm attorneys who exclusively handle real estate transactions. They will provide expert legal advice and analysis to ensure that we structure the most flexible and favorable terms for our clients. Often times we will consult with them at the onset of the documentation process so that we send a clear message to prospective landlords outlining our client’s needs. 

Move coordination- Once a lease is executed, we will handle all aspects of the actual relocation. We are your point person relative to selecting the moving company and furniture vendor and working with the IT consultant. Because of our intimate familiarity with our client’s requirements, our continued involvement subsequent to the lease execution will ensure a smooth transition to their new location.

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