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6 Months-1 Year before Moving Day

  • Get office space
  • Communicate to employees
  • Identify major tenant improvement needs
  • Set budget
  • Choose the move day
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Start contracting for major tenant improvements
  • Order new phone number
  • Order new fax number

3-6 Months before Moving Day

  • Design office space
  • Assign office space
  • Order furniture
  • Hire movers
  • Evaluate server room needs
  • Evaluate computer networking needs
  • Order change of address labels for notification
  • Order new address labels for existing stationery, marketing materials
  • Order signage for new location
  • Identify phone system requirements
  • Order phone lines & internet access
  • Order phone forwarding
  • Arrange internal/external maintenance service
  • Arrange for trash disposal
  • Set up cleaning service

1-3 Months before Moving Day

  • Get business insurance quote for new space
  • Arrange for copier move or buy new equipment
  • Order security system
  • Order keys, access cards
  • Arrange for beverage service
  • Send change of address to all vendors
  • Send change of address to all customers
  • Send change of address to all subscriptions
  • Notify all lessors of equipment move
  • Order checks with new address
  • Order long distance service
  • Transfer 800 numbers or order new numbers
  • Sell old equipment, furniture

Preparing for the move (1 day to 1 month before Moving Day)

  • Install phone lines
  • Install phone system
  • Assign new phone numbers, extensions
  • Order new stationery & business cards
  • Order new business forms
  • Repair new office
  • Clean new office
  • Identify closest overnight drop off boxes
  • Inventory existing computers
  • Inventory existing furniture by room
  • Order Dumpster for purging
  • Purge old, obsolete materials
  • Create new office extension directory
  • Create new office layout map
  • Create new fax cover sheet
  • Create driving instructions
  • Get new shipping labels
  • Notify Post Office of Change of Address
  • Update Web site with new information
  • Add note inside mailbox about change of address, move
  • Obtain moving crates/cartons
  • Back up computers
  • Take down systems furniture
  • Pack up desks, personal spaces
  • Pack up common areas
  • Store property that will not be moved
  • Tag furniture to be moved
  • Tag all wall items and move to central location
  • Install systems furniture
  • Distribute new keys, cards
  • Collect old keys, cards
  • Empty, defrost and clean refrigerator
  • Code new office space on a map for movers


Moving Day

  • Post coded signs in new office for movers
  • Protect main moving paths
  • Move plants


  • Get office art
  • Periodically visit old office to pick up mail
  • Schedule phone training
  • Schedule security training

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