Business Development

Nothing drives new business more than the strength of the relationships among the parties. Often times the inability to gain access to the key decision maker of a prospective customer poses the greatest barrier to the sale of a company’s product and/or services. At The Faber Group, we work very closely with our clients to better understand their value proposition and then utilize our resources and relationships to provide them access to the prospect’s C-level executives.  Our clients’ superior product and/or service, coupled with the access we provide, affords our clients the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors and establish an ongoing relationship and sales stream.

In today's highly competitive marketplace developing these new business relationships has never been more challenging. Business relationships such as these begin with trust. Our role at The Faber Group is to facilitate the development of that trust. Due to the strength and breadth of our business relationships we are able to shorten our client’s sales cycle by quickly and efficiently arranging an introduction between them and senior executives of our clients’ prospective customers.  As a result of the confidence that our network of business executives has in our ability, our clients can demonstrate that their product and/or service is significantly superior to their competitors.

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